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China Blue Envelope 130x190mm (5x7inch)



Product Description

The China Blue envelope 130x190mm (5x7in) is constructed from a premium grade paper (120gsm) with matte finish.  It is a popular Wedding Invitation and greeting card size envelope.  It is a smooth, uncoated envelope, and is environmentally sustainable with a natural, luxurious feel.

Ask us about a customer envelope liner to fit, completing your Wedding Invitation with a touch of sophistication.   The China Blue envelope is lick and stick to seal or we recommend using a damp sponge.  The 130x190mm size envelopes attract a standard postage charge at Australia Post.

When it comes to printing your guest name and address onto the China Blue envelope, we can either print directly onto them in digital white or we can print onto white address labels for you to stick onto the envelopes.

This range of envelopes compliments any style, event or oaccasion whether it be your Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower, Christening or Corporate event!

This popular size envelope is available in a range of modern colours from pastel to vivid shades.  Order online, or feel free to contact us for more information, although a visit to the store is the best way to experience the natural luxurious feel of these envelopes for yourself!

The other items in the China Blue range are:
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