Envelope Wax Seals

How to Make a Wax Seal

Practise on scrap paper first! Use a steady, gentle flame like a kitchen lighter. Hold the wax seal angled down towards where you want it placed – about 3cm away from your project to avoid splashes. WARNING! The wax can get very hot!

Hold the wax in the bottom part of the flame so that you don’t get black soot in the wax. As the wax drips, move the stick to form a pool about the same size as the wax seal. Remove the flame before this point is reached as the wax will continue to melt. Wait about 2-3 seconds then press the seal into the wax. Hold for 2 seconds and remove. If it doesn’t come out, wait for it to cool down. Remove any wax from seal before you do the next one and cool between impressions.

If you are using the seal on the back of an envelope, ask for HAND-SORTING AT THE POST OFFICE. Otherwise the seal could get damaged. If you are using the seal as a feature on an invitation (i.e. inside an envelope) and you are worried about ruining the item with drips of wax, you could make the seal on baking paper and use a glue dot to stick it onto your invitation.

Quantity – you should get 15-20 seals(10¢ piece size) per stick or 10-15 seals, (20¢ piece size) per stick of wax.

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